Thank you to Kim North Shine of MetroMode for visiting the CureLauncher offices and taking time to speak with us.  Read the January 9th article here.
CureLauncher is proud to showcase our first 30 second on-air commercial.  Click here to view and share.
By Stephen Goldner, Esq. RAC Every year, millions of Americans contact a Support Community, such as the American Cancer Society.  One of the resources they look for are new treatment options for their disease.  But who provides... Read More
Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press Business Writer recently visited the CureLauncher offices.  Read his interview with Stephen Goldner and David Fuehrer here.
Thank you to the Miami Herald and Ana Vencia-Suarez for the wonderful article about CureLauncher.  Read the June 24, 2013 article here.
CureLauncher was featured in the June 23, 2013 edition of the SunSentinel.  View the article by Marni Jameson and Nicole Brochu.
CureLauncher was featured in the June 12, 2013 edition of the Orlando Sentinel.  Read the article by Marni Jameson on the Orlando Sentinel website.
CureLauncher President David Fuehrer shares his story with Beaumont Health System and thanks the medical team at Beumont who saw him through his treatment.  View the June 6, 2013 article here.
On January 31, 2013 CureLauncher won the coveted Elevator Pitch Competition at ACE '13 (Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship).  View the entire announcement here, as reported by the Oakland Press on March 6, 2013.  **Photo courtesy of Carter... Read More
Matt Roush of WWJ writes about CureLauncher on CBS Detroit.  View the May 28, 2013 article here.