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Our Start

"In June 2012, we lost my father to bladder cancer. Nobody suggested we consider a clinical trial until after his treatment stopped working. By then, he was too sick to qualify. Would a clinical trial have helped him? There’s no way to know. But, I know we wanted the option.

One month later, I met Stephen Goldner."

Steve is an FDA Regulatory Advisor, who has helped get 230 drugs and medical devices approved. He said, "We need to find a better way to help people find new treatments that may help them." I left my consulting career to create CureLauncher with him.

Our mission is that no family will ever lose a loved one without knowing all their treatment options.

Our Team

Either personally or through a loved one, we have each been affected by disease.  We believe that knowing your treatment options is critical to making informed decisions.

Feel free to contact any one of us. We’re here to help.


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Our Executives

Stephen Goldner, JD, RAC; Chairman & CEO

As an FDA Advisor, Steve has gotten 230 drugs and medical devices FDA-approved. He is a forensic toxicologist and lawyer, who is passionate about getting new medical treatments to people who can benefit from them.

David Fuehrer, MBA; President

David is nationally recognized as an innovation expert. An MBA graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, David has managed new product programs for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, General Electric, Dow Chemical and many others. He is also a two-time cancer survivor and active speaker and volunteer for various support communities.

Mark Bennett, Esq.; Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Mark is a highly-motivated, results-oriented, C-level professional with 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience in industries including IT and information services. Mark continually improves CureLauncher’s® services to meet your needs